Book Developmental Editing,
Line Editing & Copyediting

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adjective: done in a way that is designed, skilled.

Ground zero. The build, the tensions between your protagonist and antagonistic forces to propel story, movement, a poetic edge. Your vision for the book—fiction or nonfiction—needing to be birthed.

Hemingway, Faulkner, and all the other big boppers needed a developmental editor. And a line editor. Chances are you do too.

Developmental editing, the heart of it: Fueling your creative process while bolstering structure. A book developmental editor flies at a higher altitude, giving insight and helping you get down to the bones of your deeper thoughts, concretize elements, and flesh out characters and actions. It's the bigger-picture view, the panorama, to help define the book’s form, create believable dialogue, and connect the dots for transitional storytelling.

Line editing—in my book—falls under the developmental editing umbrella—but approaches the manuscript from a different lens. It's word-obsessed, poetic, targeting style, voice, syntax, movement, and the rhythm of your words and paragraph structures. In other words, how you tell your story. It also touches on lighter structural corrections for fluidity and clarity as well as red flags problematic scenes and redundancies.

Each developmental editing stage moves you closer to becoming a better writer, exploring untapped creativity and releasing a book project with current market trends in mind.

Copyediting—the baseline mechanics. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and spacing with red flags on story and word-usage inconsistencies and reader-sensitivity issues.

Proofing—via an editorial eye. My virtual team member performs the proof, reviewing the manuscript twice. Since she hasn't seen the manuscipt prior, she delivers yet another layer of insightful feedback. Her work is followed by my final review and approval of her findings.

You can exhale. AnnCastro Studio honors you—the author—within the creative process. The final editorial decisions rest in your hands. After all, it's your book, your vision, your baby. As book editor, I'm the midwife, easing your journey and ensuring your best book delivery.

Self-publishing authors. You are applauded and encouraged here. I'm a champion of self-publishing efforts—especially because it widens the field for storytelling. More voices heard . . . more stories told. Once it's determined that your project is a good fit for the Studio's editorial services, I'll help you strengthen your manuscript (fiction or nonfiction) and even lend a hand with marketing content: author bios, PRs, social media/website content, one-sheets, and more.

Self-publishing hip-hip-hooray stories. I'm thrilled one of my author-clients—who commissioned me for developmental editing and book editing (line editing and copyediting)—reached a coveted sweet spot, self-publishing her first book, which struck double gold: IPPY gold medal award (Young Adult Fiction, e-book category) and Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards gold medal (teenage division). And now our author-editorial partnership continues across different genres, from that YA dystopian series to an adult psychological thriller series.

Another author-client's self-publishing work—rich fantasy, children's time travel—hit #2 on Amazon for new releases in her story's category. How exciting is that?

Traditional-publishing authors. It's where I got my start years ago. Two of the high-level book projects I've had the privilege of working on (both are nonfiction/self-help category) were released by major publishers and became New York Times best sellers: (1) a collaboration done for/with an author-client in women's health/nutrition who commissioned me for work encompassing developmental editing, ghostwriting, and book editing; and (2) a men's health/wellness author who commissioned me for work spanning book concept development, developmental editing, and book proposal writing that included ghostwriting the book's first three chapters.

Another book project in women's health and nutrition—the noted author commissioned me for work embodying developmental editing, ghostwriting, and line editing—became the major publisher's lead book for the year it was released.

Is traditional publishing your goal? Excellent. I'm ready to journey with you on that process, from book developmental editing to various levels of book editing, ghostwriting, book proposals, query letters, author bios/PRs, social media content, and more.

Editorial Services:

  • meaningful
  • artful
  • credible
  • developmental editing [structural development]specific, intentional, encouraging, understandable
  • line editingword-focused, style, voice, movement, syntax
  • copyeditingembracing the basics [punctuation, grammar, spelling, spacing, consistent word usages, fact-checking] or moving deeper into medium and heavier copyediting levels
  • sensitivity readalerting you to wording or stereotypes that may be regarded as bias-based
  • ghostwriting with an editorial eyeclarity, form, transition, consistency
  • proofingeyeing what's left behind
  • graphic editing/proofingthat final review of a formatted manuscript prior to digital upload or print
  • publishing readinessbook proposals, query letters, author bios/PRs, back cover blurbs, one-sheets, content marketing for social media/sites, eblasts