Manuscript Evaluation

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noun: merging diverse, separate elements into a unified whole, aka your book concept or industry research with our creative experience.

The consult. The manuscript evaluation. The brainstorming. Whether you're in those early stages, need feedback for your completed draft, or are somewhere in-between.

A manuscript evaluation opens the door for me to walk with you over and under those are-you-kidding-me gnarly patches for clarity, direction, and feet-on-the-ground strategies.

And yep, it's all done via a developmental editing lens.

A manuscript evaluation gives you a five-to-ten-page overview, detailing your manuscript's strengths, gently flagging its weaknesses, offering suggestions: character development, story movement, plot and individual story lines, setting, mood, tone, pacing, rhythm, dialogue, syntax, and the protagonist-antagonistic tensions to create structure.

The goal is to encourage your creative process and guide you in determining your next editorial steps.

Complimentary read of one chapter and your chapter synopsis, followed by a phone call to share a few insights. 

But first, this: Every word, scene, dialogue, and action need to propel story. What's written should be meaningful, earned, justified, honest for the story and characters. For that other reasons, it's unlikely that manuscripts with gratuitous or explicit sexual content, gratuitous violence, or shock-valued elements (topics, scenes, language, horror) will be accepted for projects. Need help recognizing or removing unwarranted elements? Let's talk.

  • several genres: from dystopian, apocalyptic, mystery, fantasy & psychological thrillers to nonfiction
  • high-profile/traditional publishing & self-publishing efforts
  • manuscript evaluations via a developmental editing lens
  • email or scheduled phone or Zoom meetings for project insights, strategy ideas, author support
  • fiction [YA, middle-grade, adult]
  • creative nonfiction
  • nonfiction
  • self-help & health/nutrition
  • memoir & legacy
  • spiritual [Judaic or Messianic/Christian]